Following a briefing session, you’ll be locked into one of our themed rooms. Then you need to escape. Easy-peasy you say? Not so fast! To keep things interesting, we’ve put together a series of tasks, combinations, and puzzles that you’ll need to figure out before you can escape to freedom…and you’ve only got 60 minutes to do it. You and your teammates will need to put your heads together to find clues and work out what goes where to solve the puzzle. Think you and your team have what it takes to escape before the timer hits zero?

Book A Room

Find some friends and book one of our awesome rooms online.

Enter The Room

Get locked in. The timer starts counting down. You have 60 minutes.

Escape The Room

Examine your surroundings for clues. Can you escape before the timer runs out?



Lady LouLou has been found dead and nobody knows why… or how. Can you solve the case and catch the killer before it’s too late?

Prison Break

A prisoner has broken out with insider help. Your team must infiltrate the prison to discover how he got out… Can you pick up the trail?

Madness Or A Brilliant Mind?

A brilliant scientist has died mere hours before completing a formula which would change our understanding of maths forever. Can you finish it?

Game of Thrones

Dare you enter into the realm of Westeros? Beyond The Wall lies a great adventure for any player brave enough to decipher unsolved mysteries.


Putting your brain through its paces certainly is hungry work but we’ve got you covered. Our café serves a range of delicious pizzas, paninis, and toasties. We’ve also got muffins, cake, and cookies for those of you with a sweet tooth. We serve top-notch coffee too, if you need something a little stronger to recharge those brain batteries. Have a nosey through our menu…

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